Suomalaiset sotilassosiologian alan esitykset ERGOMAS-konferenssissa Ateenassa 26.-30.6.2017.

Konferenssin ohjelma ja kaikkien esitysten tiivistelmät liitteenä.

Hannola, Anitta: Relocating Military Families in Finland.

Häyrynen, Heli: The meaning of military leadership training to young women´s leadership competency: a narrative viewpoint.  

Kosonen, Jarkko:  The Importance of the Reciprocity in the Relationship between the Conscripts and the Welfare State in Finland.

Kouri, Suvi: Female Officers’ Narratives on Career Choice and Finding their Place in the Military Community.

Leinonen, Minna: Intersectionality and organizational change in the Finnish Defence Forces.

Liekkilä, Katri: The Health of National – Protecting National Security against the Unknown.
Niemelä, Jussi-Pekka: Challenges of recruiting Finnish Defence Forces personnel for crisis management operations.

Nissinen, Vesa: The Societal Effectiveness of Military Leadership training in Finnish Defence Forces.

Otonkorpi-Lehtoranta, Katri: Tensions between institutionalized vocation and professionalized paid work – what about the family?

Tallberg, Teemu: Societal Division of Security Labour: Theorising the Socio-Economic Formations of National Security and Defence.

Wiikinkoski, Tarja: Expectations of National Defence for the Civil Society.